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Floorr Magazine: Issue 22

“I’ve always been interested in the interrelationships between categories of... More


‘TWIST’ Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown June 29 – 11 September 2019 A conversation... More

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Restor'd to Life - Penelope Curtis, 2002

I.  Looking   ‘The Property of a Lady’ 2002 is on show.  It consists of 24 sections, 4 across and 6 high, with an extensive white clay dinner service arranged within each of the bottle-green compartments, appearing very orderly. Each section seems to be arranged symmetrically, with its contents lined up on either side of the axis.   The title makes me think of the auction house,... More

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We Have the Mirrors, We Have the Plans

22 May – 4 September 2010 Curated by Anders Pleass Mostyn ISBN 9780906860632 Katie... More

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Pop Art

Art & Design Editor: Dr. Andreas C Papadakis, ‘Objects for the Ideal Home’,... More

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Objects for the Ideal Home

Curated by Marco Livingstone Serpentine Gallery, London Excerpt: “The Title of... More

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Private View

Private View A Temporary exhibition of contemporary British and German art curated... More

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The Journal of Modern Craft

Vol 3 Issue 3 November 2010, Berg Journals, Tools of The Trade: Articulating Sculptural... More

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Art Ambulance

June 2010 – ongoing Exhibition invitation and document. Art Ambulance calls attention... More

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Clay, Tools and Tooling

From The Journal of Modern Craft, Vol 3 Issue 3 Nov 2010 Special Issue, ‘Tools of Trades: Articulating Sculpture Practice” Guest edited by Jon Wood and Jyrki Siukonen Abstract In this article, artist Cecile Johnson Soliz writes about the complexities of using clay, both in her studio and during her experience of working with clay workers at Red Bank Manufacturing for her project, ‘Skyline’. Tools for making art are of special interest to Johnson... More

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1999-2000 See also: ‘Clay, Tools, and Tooling’ In a huge upstairs floor the size... More

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Regarding the Function of Objects

‘Regarding the Function of Objects: Recent Sculpture by Cecile Johnson Soliz’,... More

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‘Black Teapot’ & ‘Light Shelf’ - conversation with Deborah Basckin

Q: Did you create the work, ‘Black Teapot’ from scratch or modify an existing teapot? I make all objects by hand. I make them as close to the originals as possible (as in ‘Twenty –Eight Pitchers’). It is important that I make it, not because of any romantic idea to do with touch, but because it is a way of asking questions... More

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In the Midst of Things

In the Midst of Things 31 July – 18 September 1999 Curated by Nigel Prince and... More

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Craft 27th September – 8 November 1997 Richard Salmon Gallery, London 15th November... More

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'Private View' Exhibition

‘Private View’ exhibition, Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle 1996 Curated by Penelope Curtis and Veit Gorner ‘Seeing and using the objects of various cultures has always fascinated me, especially experiencing them in situ: in a private collection, domestic setting, a roadside, in market places: using a palm leaf as a plate (Timbuktu, Mali) or a piece of newsprint as a container for fish and chips (England), having... More

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Still Life

Curated by Helen Waters New Art Centre, Roche Court 18 November 2006 – 4 February... More


Curated by Ann Mulrooney and Tim Davies Strata Florida Abbey, Pontrhydfendigaid,... More

Things We Lost in the Fire

Curated by Gordon Dalton Transition Gallery, London 1 – 23 July 2006 Ruth Claxton Gordon... More

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Alta Temperatura

Curated by Enzo Biffi Gentili Raccolta Civica de Terra Rossa Palasso dei Conti Botton,... More

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Subject: Object

Subject: Object Nicola Jacobs Gallery, London 21 June – 2 September 1989 Artists: Richard... More

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Northern Devon Ceramic Events

‘Property of a Lady’, a New Work by Cecile Johnson Soliz , Juliet Carey 2002 Tessa... More

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